Haunted Fairlyand

Mad Batter Bakery is collaborating with European Fashion Designer Theo Doro again!!! The Spring/Easter Tea Party was a huge success so we thought wed do it again! This time for the best holiday ever, HALLOWEEN!!!!

Our event is called Haunted Fairyland and the link will take you to the event page on Facebook. Its free to attend and we are doing it early in October so people can buy or order the designs modeled and the MAD creations available!! Have the best Halloween party ever with our collective designs! If you can’t make the event for any reason, ordering and viewing is available online and by phone!fairy-land-wallpapers-and-pictures-7-items-page-1-c1dd45_2b329ea7d36e4da7a37e9b15aa6b8a2ccropped-cropped-blackMBBlogo-e1431237064879.png